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WS-I's work is governed by the policies and agreements contained in the following documents:

Membership Agreements

Member Bylaws and Policies

  • WS-I Antitrust Guidelines

    The WS-I Antitrust Guidelines outline the organization's policies and practices around competitive practices.

    August 29, 2002 pdf (24K) English
  • WS-I Bylaws

    The WS-I Bylaws govern the activities and processes of the organization.

    November 5, 2009 pdf (194K) English
  • WS-I IPR Agreement

    The WS-I Intellectual Property Agreement defines licensing, copyright and IPR terms for the organization.

    May 5, 2004 pdf (84K) English
  • WS-I Membership Agreement

    This agreement includes general terms for WS-I membership.

    July 15, 2003 pdf (115K) English
  • WS-I Online Privacy Policy

    This document provides the details of the WS-I online privacy policies. The policies govern use of the WS-I web sites and other online resources.

    November 18, 2003 pdf (133K) English
  • WS-I Trademark and Conformance Guidelines

    These guidelines specify how the WS-I name and logos may be used for web sites, products and other promotional material.

    October 21, 2003 pdf (162K) English - doc (134K) English

Other Agreements

  • Adopter Agreement

    The Adopter Agreement provides licenses to WS-I Material to non-members who wish to obtain certain copyright and patent rights. Signed agreements should be returned to the WS-I Secretary (mailto:info@oasis-open.org).

    March 12, 2004 pdf (111K) English
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