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WS-I Case Study

Read below to find out how WS-I members AIAG and Ford used WS-I’s Basic Profile to improve supply chain process efficiency in the automotive industry, and how Fireman’s Fund Insurance Company and WS-I member Webify Solutions used the WS-I Basic Profile to help Fireman’s Fund gain a competitive advantage.

If you are a member of WS-I and interested in submitting a WS-I case study for consideration, please contact info@oasis-open.org.

Analyst Testimonials

Since the organization’s inception in February, 2002, WS-I has received high praise for its work by respected industry analysts and observers. Read what some of these industry analysts and observers have to say about the work of WS-I

Enterprises that deploy Web services without mature strategies for security will be vulnerable to cyberattacks. Web services security decisions are complex and interoperability is a key challenge. WS-I’s guidance, including the Security Scenarios and the forthcoming Basic Security Profile, could be an important factor in the success of enterprises’ Web services security initiatives.
Ray Wagner, Gartner, Inc.

WS-I will make Web services interoperability real.
Ted Schadler, Forrester Research

Interoperability has been pretty challenging, and [WS-I] will make interoperability much easier. The WS-I Basic Profile is a very good thing for customers.
Anne Thomas Manes, Burton Group

WS-I can provide much-needed clarity for the practical and pragmatic use of Web services security standards.
Ray Wagner, Gartner, Inc.

Support for the Basic Profile is the baseline for interoperable Web services. Customers should demand that all of their Web services-enabled technology be compliant with the Basic Profile, and that in turn will lay the foundation for Web services to fulfill their promise and provide technology-independent interoperability.
Daniel Sholler, META Group

The WS-I Basic Profile is a very important document that addresses and solves many of the basic interoperability issues associated with Web services.
Anne Thomas Manes, Burton Group

Require the WS-I Basic Profile going forward.
Daryl Plummer, Gartner, Inc.

You’ll increase your chances of building killer Web services by starting with the WS-I Basic Profile.
Ted Schadler, Forrester Research

This [Basic Profile 1.0] is exactly what is needed. This will become the gold standard for interoperable Web services.
Daniel Sholler, META Group

With the release of the Basic Profile, WS-I becomes the organization that is at the center of vendor and enterprise efforts to promote Web services adoption and interoperability between competing implementations.
Mike Gilpin and Uttam Narsu, Forrester Research

Enterprises considering Web services security issues should see this [WS-I Security Scenarios] as a significant opportunity to influence future developments in Web services security. The draft scenarios are well thought-out and reasonably comprehensive . . .
Ray Wagner, Gartner, Inc.

When using Web services to connect heterogeneous systems, enforce use of the WS-I Basic Profile as part of a core development process.Organizations acquiring service-oriented business applications should require vendors to indicate compliance with the Basic Profile.
Whit Andrews, Gartner, Inc.
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