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Committees and Working Groups

Salim Zeitouni, IBM - Chair, Sample Applications Working Group

Salim Zeitouni currently works as an advisory software engineer on the IBM WebSphere Web services interoperability team. Prior to joining the Web services group, Salim was a team lead on several IBM WebSphere products that provide integrated client-server environment and application development tools to extend business applications and data to mobile users. Since joining IBM in 1996, Salim has worked on several of the WebSphere, Tivoli, and Lotus software products.

Salim holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Contact Salim at salimz@us.ibm.com.

Paul Cotton, Microsoft - Chair, Basic Security Profile Working Group

Paul is Director of Web Services Standards Strategy at Microsoft. He works with the Windows Communication Framework Web services team at Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond. Prior to joining Microsoft in 1990, Paul was a senior technical staff member with IBM Canada.

Paul has been active within the W3C XML Activity since 1998 and has been the chairman of the W3C XML Query Working Group since it was formed in 1999. Paul was elected to the first W3C Technical Architecture Group (TAG) in December 2001 and re-elected for a two-year term in January 2003. Paul has more than thirty-two years of experience in the IT industry and has been working on query language and Web standardization for fifteen years.

Paul holds a M. Math from the University of Waterloo.

Contact Paul at pcotton@microsoft.com.

Bob Freund, Hitachi - Chair, Reliable Secure Profile Working Group

Bob represents Hitachi Ltd. in several Internet-related activities and is CEO of Quadrasis, Inc. Bob has more than thirty-five years of computer industry experience in hardware, software and systems. His electronic engineering accomplishments include the invention of signature transducers used for an Air Force security system, the design of disk controllers, electronic toys for Creative Playthings and IBM-compatible mainframe processor micro-code and channel subsystems. Several patents were awarded in conjunction with this work.

His commercial systems experience includes the creation of experimental distributed back-office banking systems for Citicorp, an order processing system for Waldenbooks, telecommunications systems for Exxon, Continental Grain, and The Trane Company, and a building control system which met the needs for fire security in high-rise commercial buildings in New York City.

Prior to forming Quadrasis, Bob was responsible for operations at the Software Development Division of Hitachi Computer Products, (America) Inc. from 1988 through 2003. At National Semiconductor from 1978 to 1988, he was responsible for the Microprocessor Group's software business unit, which included a Unix operating system development group, compiler and tools group, and a line of microcomputer instrumentation products.

Bob attended the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Contact Bob at bob.freund@hitachisoftware.com.

Ram Jeyaraman, Microsoft - Chair, Basic Profile Working Group

Ram currently works as a technical diplomat in the Windows Communications Framework Web Services team at Microsoft. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2005, Ram worked at Sun Microsystems where, for nine years, he served as a specification lead for J2EE Connector Architecture and Java Transaction API. Ram holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from University of Manitoba, Canada.

Contact Ram at ram.jeyaraman@microsoft.com.

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