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Deliverables from the Requirements Gathering Working Group

The Requirements Gathering Working Group works to identify and understand Web services interoperability issues, and to develop requirements for new WS-I profiles. This is done by analyzing business scenarios and use cases that are submitted by the membership and the industry at large.

In this context, a “business scenario” is a description of a current business problem or new business opportunity, either from a business person’s point of view or described in business process terms. Similarly, a “use case” for a particular application is a step-by-step description of the interactions between the actors, roles, and system under consideration.

Requirements Gathering
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  Name Type Status Date ▼  
Requirements Gathering Working Group Charter Charter Final 8 September 2005
  English: pdf (24K)
This is the charter for the Requirements Gathering Working Group.
Requirements Cover Sheet Template Working Group Draft 27 September 2004
  English: htm (13K)
This cover sheet is used to submit interoperability requirements to WS-I.
Scenario Submission Process Template Working Group Draft 27 September 2004
  English: htm (13K)
This document provides instructions on how to submit interoperability scenarios to WS-I for consideration.
Specification and Issue List Templates Template BdAD 29 January 2004
  English: zip (21K)
These templates are used to write specifications and track issue lists using XML.
Business Scenario Template Template BdAD 27 January 2004
  English: doc (83K)
This template is used to document Business Scenarios.
Use Case Template Template BdAD 27 January 2004
  English: doc (100K)
This template is used to document Use Cases.
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